Psychologische Beratung

Telefonseelsorge Berlin e.V.
Berliner Krisendienst
Frauenkrisentelefon e.V.

Sexualisierte Gewalt

Strohhalm e.V.
Traumaambulanz St. Hedwig
Wildwasser e.V.


ADNB des TBB – Antidiskriminierungsnetzwerk Berlin
BDB – Bund für Antidiskriminierungs- und Bildungsarbeit in der BRD
Antidiskriminierungsberatung Alter oder Behinderung der LV Selbsthilfe Berlin Beratungsstelle der Landesvereinigung Selbsthilfe Berlin e.V.

Rechtsextremismus & Rassistische Gewalt

Mobile Beratung gegen Rechts (MBR)
OPRA - Psychologische Beratung für Opfer rechtsextremer, rassistischer & antisemitischer Gewalt


Berliner Netzwerk Lesben, Schwule, Transgender für Gleichbehandlung – gegen Diskriminierung
Gladt e.V.
MANEO - das schwule Anti- Gewalt-Projekt und Überfalltelefon in Berlin
LesMigraS/Lesbenberatung e.V.
Schwulenberatung Berlin


SONAR Berlin
Sprechstunde Charité
Suchtberatung Friedrichshain


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FernUniversität in Hagen, Campus Berlin

The project team at the Fernuniversität in Hagen is responsible for the scientific monitoring of the project.

One stream consists of a risk assessment of psychological stress at the beginning of the project in form of focus group discussions and another stream requires  the evaluation of the interventions in a pre-survey and post-survey.

Medical clinic with a focus on psychosomatics and psychosomatic rehabilitation research group, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

The Psychosomatic Clinic of the Charité offers accessible  and timely support for employees with psychological complaints in the form of short-term psychotherapies according to the friaa (early intervention at work) model.

The project also plans and carries out supervision sessions and coaching for teams and managers. Supervision as a counseling service can promote self-reflection, expand professional competencies and create coherence in the team.

Deutsche Psychologen Akademie

Various psychosocial and therapeutic interventions in the form of workshops, seminars and an In-house workshop are carried out with the aim of increasing resilience and well-being in the workplace for employees and leading staff in clubs. They developed a customized series of workshops for employees to strengthen their individual resilience and cope with the stressors of the nightlife, and another for leading staff with the aim of strengthening leadership skills and coping strategies.

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